I live in Königstein, near Frankfurt am Main, amidst of woods and nature with my 3Rhodesian Ridgebacks Kevu, Leia & Fay.

Kevu is my very first Rhodesian Ridgeback and will turn 12 years old in december 2015. He is a very special Ridgeback and learned me a lot about dogs and the race.

A big dream came true when Magic came to us in spring 2007. Magic has set everything in motion and shaped us what we are and do today. Sadly we had to let Magic go over the rainbowbridge in may 2015. We sorely miss her, but she lives on in us and in everything we do.

Also member of our pack are Leia & Fay. Both are daughters of Magic and bring a lot of joy and fun to our lives.




We like to spend our freetime in the woods or at dogsports, but also like to realax in the sun or on the sofa.




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