18. 09. 2017

Snowy is still looking for his loving home

Snowy is a happy and clever, ridgelss boy. Sadly he did not find his perfect family until now.

He loves to find a loving family with some sports activity. Snowy now is 11.5weeks old, chipped and vaccinated and checked by Club E.L.S.A. Every day he learns something new with us. He already have been to the pet food store, the building centre, town centre and his first time in an elevator he was curious and happy. He is house trained and can walk on a leash.

Are you interested in giving him a loving home? I am waiting for your email od call.


06. 07. 2017

The Puppies are here!

Leia & Chumi are proud parents.

On June, 30th 2017 Leia gave birth to 11 Puppies, 3 boys ( 2 without Ridge ) & 8 girls ( 3 without Ridge ). Leia and the puppies are doing fine, we are looking forward to see the Puppies growing.

more information here

If you would like to be part of our Dream and give a puppy a loving home, please contact me by phone or Email.

02. 06. 2017

Yippiihh, Leia is pregnant!

We expect the Leia & Chumi puppies around July, 4th 2017.

Yes, the mating was successfull and we are so, so happy. We can´t wait to hold the little ones in our arms. Leia already is in the middle of her pregnancy and she is in excellent condition. Like it is normal for a princess, she likes us to spoil her and her little belly already starts to grow.

more information


...on April, 3rd 2017

a very special dog went over the rainbowbridge.

My biggest LOVE, my First, my One&Only:

Ekevu vom Moerser Schloss

Thank you my boy for all these wonderful years together, i miss you so much. You will always be a special one in my heart.




Proud & excited:

Our litter-plan for 2017 is online!

- many, many thanks to Stinne, just for all!

- also many thanks to Magda from HUNDErt Blicke for the amazing pictures, and to Snezka from STARR Design for this beautiful ad.

Now we "only" have to wait, that our Princess Leia will start her season.

More information on our Dream-Team: here

21. 11. 2016

...again so much time has passed and so many things happened.

After we sadly had no puppies of Leia this summer, we needed a few weeks to accept, to understand and to deal with it. We focused on the future and made a new, exciting plan for 2017. Soon we will publish more about our litter plans - exciting times ahead.


... and in September our young boy:

Django - BH Magicalline Born to be Free Django Unchained

passed the breeding examination in Club E.L.S.A.! We are so proud.


21. 08.2016

Sadly, Leia is not pregnant.

We are unbelievably sad and needed some time to accept it. But nature has it´s own plan, we never know why this happens. But the future will show it to us.

28. 06. 2016

While we are waiting for the ultrasound - Leia is doing really fine. She behaves like she is pregnant, but you never know. Keep calm and wait for the ultrasound.

So i took the time and updated Jacks Site:


19. 06. 2016

Uhhh, i am sorry. Looks like my website is treated like a stepchild. Long, long time since my last update, although we have been busy with travelling, wonderful walks and celebrating birthdays: Kevu 12 years, Fay 2 years and Leia 4 years.

But the most importatnt thing - we waited for Leia to start her season for a loooong time.

Finally in the mid of may she started her season - 4,5 month late - together with little sister Fay. We waited for the rise of the progesteron and at the beginning of june we finally drove to Olivier in CZ.

On june, 5th + 6th Leia & Olivier mated and now it´s, again, time for waiting.

Here in the pregnancy calendar you can watch what is happening in Leias belly:

The next days i hope to give you more updates with new pics and information.


Our litter-plans are online!

If Leia follows the pplan we expect the puppies in march 2016. But mostly the girls have their own plans.... so we will see if she starts her season early.

10. 10. 2015

After we got the diagnosis, that Magic has an abszess in her lungs in january, we just wanted to enjoy the time with our beautiful girl.With some medicine we had 5 wonderful month together. Sadly we had to let her go over the rainbowbridge on May 8th 2015. I still cry my heart out, i miss her so much. She was a really unique, wonderful personality. She has influenced me, my thinking and my acting for my life. I LOVE you so much my girl.


27. 12. 2014

After a wonderful Christmas time finally i worked on the website.

Django & Fay got their own page. As they will be 10 month old soon it was really time for that.

And... we had a big, big birthday party, Kevu is already 11 years now. Stay healthy my boy for many more years, i love you so much.

Throughout the year we also have been for dogsports, coursing and shows. Sadly i didn´t find the time to post it here. So i will write a summary soon.


22. 10. 2014

Also Leias site is up to date now!

here: Mummy Magic in blue & Leia in red.


19. 10. 2014

Jack & Leia passed the breeding examination in Club Elsa!

So i took the opportunity to update first Jacks site.

We are so proud of our 2 babies.

on the pic: from left - Leia, Loki & Jack


10. 09. 2014

Finally, after a really long time, i will start with a lot of updates over the next days / weeks. So much has happened:

Our B-Babies left into the big, wild world and one little girl stayes with us.

We have been on shows, on coursing and on a lot nice walks.

I will write it all down, stay curiouse :-)


14. 03. 2014

Happy 2nd birthday my Alias-Babies!!!

Time flies so fast, today our very first and special Babies celebrate their 2nd birthday. I am so proud of you. Stay happy and healthy for many more years. Hope you all get spoiled today.

We LOVE you!

Meanwhile the Magic & Gary Babies are already 5 weeks old. They explore the garden and become slowly little personalities.

As we are so busy with these little wonders i am sorry that i don´t find the time for regular updates.

If you like to watch them grow you are welcome to follow us with every day actual pics here.


30. 03. 2014

Unbelievable how fast the time flies. The babies are already 3 weeks old and our living room seems to be too small for them. Soon we will go our into the garden. Also their first meal after all the milk from mummy tastet perfectly well.

New pics in the puppygalery here.


21. 03. 2014

Mummy & Puppies are doing excellent. All Babies have opend their eyes and are now waiting to explore the world.

New pics in the Puppygallerie

17. 03. 2014

The puppies are growing so fast. Today they are already 10 Days old.

Here are the new pics.


10. 03. 2014

We have puppies!

On March, 8th 2014 Magic gave birth to 8 lovely and healthy puppies, 3 boys & 5 girls. Mummy and Babies are fine, as Magic has a lot of milk the puppies already gained a lot of weight in only two days.

We are so excited about the coming weeks!

First portraits and more pics here


02. 03. 2014

Only a few more days!

One more week to wait for the little Magic & Gary Babies to be born. Today it is already day 55 of Magics pregnancy. She is in perfect conditions and in her belly the babies are having a party.

Day 55

Day 52

Day 48


18. 02. 2014

... and the belly is growing!!!

Today we already have day 43 of Magic´s pregnancy and her belly is growing and growing. She is in perfect conditions and likes to do what a pregnant girl likes to do:

Sleeping, eating, cuddling, sun bathing and at the walks digging for mice.

Only 3 more weeks to go and we can say hallo to the little wonders.

Magic - day 42!

Magic - day 40!

Magic - day 34!

04. 02. 2014

We are so happy!!

The ultrasound showed us, Magic is pregnant. She is feeling well and likes all the attention and love. Soon we will start to change our living room to be prepared for the little ones.

If you like to give a Ridgeback-baby from Gary & Magic a loving home,please contact us by phone: 0049-6174-993985 or by email kevu@ekevu-ridgeback.de

More informations about the parents here.


We also got wonderful news:

Magicalline Alias Storm "Loki" is:

HD-B1, ED & OCD free

So happy and proud!


13. 01.2014

Exciting days lie behind us.

On january 5th the progesteron of Magic started to rise that we could plan our trip to Paris. Tuesday we left home early in the morning to meet lovely Gary round 3 pm.

Magic liked Gary very much and he was a real gentleman.

The mating between Gary & Magic took place on January 7th + 8th.

Now we wait full of excitement for the ultrasound at the beginning of february and hope for a lot of helathy puppies around 10th of march.

We also brought some new pics of Gary - click here.

More informations on our planned litter here.


Happy & healthy new Year!

As a perfect present Magic started her season a bit early on christmas eve. So we are looking forward to our journey to Paris to meet lovely Gary for the mating. Bags and car are packed, only waiting for the Progesteron to rise, for our next adventure:

...more informations on our B-litter here.

Also our youngest girl, Leia, finally started with 20,5 month her first season!

We are looking forward to a very exciting year with our little B-puppies and of course with our lovely A-puppies. All of them became happy and healthy young dogs and we are happy to meet them on coursings, tournaments and shows.